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2041 Skid Steer

Quick Specs

  • Operating Capacity of 1,350 lbs.
  • Operating Capacity of 1,475 lbs. with optional Counterweight
  • Lift Height of 110"
  • Machine Weight of 4,600 lbs.
  • 46 hp Yanmar Diesel Engine
Download Full Specs
Download Full Specs

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    Machine weight of 8,180 lbs.
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  • 2700V NXT2 Skid Steer Loader
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    Operating Capacity of 3,300 lbs.
    Lift height of 131.2"
    Machine weight of 9,090 lbs.
  • 4000V Skid Steer Loader
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    Operating Capacity of 4,000 lbs.
    Lift height of 144"
    Machine weight of 11,100 lbs.

Product Lines

2041 interim Tier IV Product Header

Key Features

  • Load capacity of 1,350 lbs. and 1,475 lbs. with optional counterweight kit
  • Lift height of 110"
  • 46-hp Yanmar Interim Tier IV diesel engine
  • Radial-lift arm design 
  • Fast ground speeds up to 5.4 mph
  • Operator-friendly Level II-certified ROPS/FOPS
  • Spacious operator compartment gives operator more comfort and excellent visibility
  • Auxiliary hydraulics of 16.5 gpm
  • Drive motors utilize SAHR (spring-applied, hydraulic-release) brakes as standard equipment
  • Safety Interlock system requires operator to be seated with restraint bar down prior to operation
  • Excellent bucket breakout force (2,800 lbs.) for extra power in tough digging conditions.
  • Tilt-up ROPS for easy internal service access.

Steering/Hydraulic Control Options:

  • T-Bar Hands Only Controls
  • Hand/Foot Controls

Attachment Mounting System:

  • The Multi-Tach™ mounting system offers compatible fit-up with most attachments.

High-performance Diesel Engine

A powerful, 46-hp Yanmar diesel engine provides the power necessary to tackle the toughest jobs. With Tier-III certification, this engine meets tough EPA emmissions regulations.


Auxiliary Hydraulics

Auxiliary hydraulic flow up to 16.5 gpm enables the model 2041 to operate a wide variety of attachments.

Standard Standard Equipment
Optional Optional Equipment
Not Availablel Not Available
T-Bar Hand Controls Available Optional
Hand/Foot Controls Available Optional
Joystick Controls Available Not Available
Dual-Hand Controls Available Not Available
Interim Tier IV Engine Standard
Engine Auto-Shutdown System Optional
Engine Heater Optional
Auxiliary Hydraulics Standard
High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics Not Availablel
Independent Hydraulic Reservoir Standard
Operator Station
Air-Conditioning Not Available
Cab Enclosure with heater Optional
Foot and Hand Throttles (exc. hand/foot controls) Standard
Full Instrumentation Standard
Heating Optional
Horn Optional
Integral Access Plate (removeable) Standard
Op. Restraint Bar w/Padded Armrests/Seat Belt Standard
ROPS/FOPS Level II Overhead Guard Standard
Sound Reduction Package Optional
Suspension Seat Optional
Multi-Tach® Attachment Mounting System Standard
Power Fast-Attach® with Optional Equipment Standard
Anti-Vandalism Protection Standard
Back-Up Alarm Optional
Brake Control (auto/manual) Standard
Hydraglide™ System Not Available
Safety Lockout System Standard
Hydrostatic Drive Standard
Lift Arm Support Device Standard
Self-Leveling Lift Action Optional
Two-Speed Drive Not Available
Work Lights - Front and Rear Standard
A. Overall Operating Height - Fully Raised (mm) 141.1" (3584)
B. Height to Hinge Pin - Fully Raised (mm) 110" (2794)
C. Overall Height to top of ROPS (mm) 71.9" (1826)
D. Ground Clearance to Chassis (mm) 8.3" (211)
E. Overall Length with Bucket (mm) 116.2" (2952)
F. Overall Length without Bucket (mm) 91.1" (2314)
G. Wheelbase (mm) 36.7" (932)
H. Dump Reach at Full Height (mm) 22.6" (574)
I. Rollback at Ground Level 29°
J. Dump Angle 42°
K. Overall Width (mm) 55" (1397)
L. Bucket Width (mm) 55" (1397)
M. Clearance Circle - Rear (mm) 58.4" (1484)
N. Clearance Circle - Front w/o Bucket (mm) 43.4" (1102)
O. Clearance Circle - Front w/Bucket (mm) 69.2" (1758)
P. Seat to Ground Height (mm) 33.6" (853)
Q. Rollback at Full Height 99°
R. Dump Height (mm) 86.5" (2197)
S. Departure Angle 29°
Standard Tire Size 10.00 x 16.5 HD
Make Yanmar
Model 4TNV88 - Interim Tier IV
Net Power (kW) 46 hp (34)
RPM for Optimal Power 2600 rpm
Displacement (L) 134 (2.2)
Auxiliary Hydraulics - Standard (L/min) 16.5 gpm (62.5)
Filtration 4 micron
Reservoir Capacity (L) 8 gal. (30.3)
Battery 12-volt (675 CCA)
Starter (kW) 12-volt (3.0)
Alternator 40-amp
Rated Operating Capacity (kg) 1350 lbs. (612)
With optional counterweight (kg) 1475 lbs. (669)
Tipping Load (kg) 2700 lbs. (1225)
Fuel Tank (L) 12.4 gal. (47)
Travel Speed - Maximum (km/hr) 5.4 mph (8.7)
Operating Weight - Approximate (kg) 4600 lbs. (2087)