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Track Loader Attachments

As construction and infrastructure heats up – companies are looking to expand their fleets through rentals. Whether long term or short term rentals – Mustang equipment is the choice for your rental fleet or independent rental center. With a variety of control options, easy maintenance, and durable designs, Mustang loaders and excavators excel in the rental sector

You make your name on the quality of the machine you offer for rent. Mustang understands this and provides equipment that is reliable and durable.


Angle Broom

Angle Broom

The EDGE angle broom cleans up just about anything, anywhere. This compact loader attachment can be used year-round and is an excellent tool to assist in the removal of snow or debris on sidewalks, parking lots and more.

auger adapter diagram

Auger Bites - Adapters

EDGE auger bit adapters are available for adapting your round auger drive to a hex bit and and vice versa. Auger extensions are also available.



The EDGE backhoe attachment gives you the power to handle excavation jobs with your skid steer or track loader. Dig utility trenches and septic tanks quickly without bringing another large piece of equipment to the job site.

Bale Spear

Bale Spears

Farmers and other agricultural professionals can appreciate the increased productivity of a skid steer with the addition of any EDGE bale spear attachment. Whether you’re moving a round or square bale, you are sure to find the bale mover that is right for you.

Bale Squeeze

Bale Squeeze

Farmers and other agricultural professionals can appreciate the increased productivity of their compact loader with the addition of any EDGE bale mover implement. Whether you’re moving a round, square, or wrapped bales, you are sure to find the bale mover that’s right for you.

BoltOn Grapple

Bolt-On Grapple

Handling brush, awkward debris, logs and more is made easy with the right grapple. The EDGE attachment experts can help you select the correct grapple based on your compact loader and your application.

Boom Lift

Boom Lift

The EDGE boom lift/ tree boom is a simple and economical attachment to make your compact equipment more versatile. The multi-purpose boom lift/ tree boom attachment can be used for loading and unloading attachments or construction materials from hard-to-reach areas.


Brush Mulcher

The EDGE brush mulcher attachment is designed for efficient mulching of brush in land clearing applications on standard-flow hydraulics. This powerful machine is equipped with a safety pusher bar to push brush or small trees down and allow the mulcher teeth to contact the lower portion of the brush to mulch it up to 1” below ground.

Brush Root Grapple

Brush Root Grapples

The EDGE brush root grapples are designed for handling awkward materials such as logs, tree stumps, brush and loose hay or straw. The brush root grapples are available in standard and heavy-duty models.

Loader Bucket_small

Buckets - Track Loader

Use one bucket for a wide variety of applications, such as grading, scraping, grappling, dozing dirt, brush removal, material spreading and more. The high strength steel clam shell bottom is shaped to prevent bowing of heavy material and two large, guarded cylinders provide powerful clamping.

Bulk Bucket

Bulk Material Bucket

There are more than 60 EDGE compact loader buckets to choose from. Various buckets range from dirt/construction, low profile, bulk material, snow buckets and utility buckets. These buckets are available for compact loaders with universal mounting system.


Carriages & Pallet Forks

Moving pallets with your machine is a task that makes sense for millions of machine owners, but as with any other machines attachment your machine is only as good as your attachment. We have a full line of machine pallet forks for sale designed to fit any size.