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Skid Steer Loader Attachments

As construction and infrastructure heats up – companies are looking to expand their fleets through rentals. Whether long term or short term rentals – Mustang equipment is the choice for your rental fleet or independent rental center. With a variety of control options, easy maintenance, and durable designs, Mustang loaders and excavators excel in the rental sector

You make your name on the quality of the machine you offer for rent. Mustang understands this and provides equipment that is reliable and durable.


Power Rake

Power Rake

From turf and seeding projects to heavy duty landscaping, there is an EDGE rake attachment available to turn your compact loader into a valuable landscaping machine.


Preparator Rake

The EDGE preparator rake is the perfect attachment to till compacted soil into a perfect seedbed.

Rock Wheel

Rock Wheel

The EDGE rock wheel is an efficient and precise attachment that makes road or utility cuts in up to 15 feet per minute.

Rotary Brush Mower

RotartyBrush Mower

From heavy weeds, undergrowth, brush and small saplings up to 4” (102 mm) in diameter, the EDGE rotary brush mowers are ideal for clearing trails for horses, snowmobiles, skiing or biking in areas that would normally be inaccessible.

Roto Tiller

Roto Tiller

Perfect for seedbed preparation or other landscape functions, the EDGE roto tiller is designed for breaking up clumps and mixing compost or other materials into existing soil.

sand side shooter bucket

Sand Side Discharge Bucket

The EDGE sand side discharge buckets are a “must have” for many farming applications.

Sawdust Bucket

Sawdust Discharge Bucket

The EDGE sawdust side discharge buckets are a “must have” for many farming applications. The sawdust bucket has a beater to help prevent the bridging of materials.

Scarifier Rake

Scarifier Rake

The EDGE scarifier rake has the ability to go from an unfinished to a finished seed bed with one easy-to-use attachment.

Stump Grinder-Self FeedinG

Self-Feeding Stump Grinder

The EDGE self-feeding stump grinder is the perfect attachment for arborists, landscapers, large contractors or maintenance crews.

Silage Defacer

Silage Defacer

The EDGE silage defacer is perfect for farmers with open-pit silage bunkers. It reduces spoilage by exposing less surface area to air and moisture.

Silt Fence Installer

Silt Fence Installer

The EDGE silt fence installer is a unique attachment that allows silt fencing to be installed effectively and effortlessly by a single operator.

Skeleton Bucket

Skeleton Rock Bucket

EDGE skeleton rock buckets are ideal for picking up stones and large awkward debris. The grated bottom allows dirt to fall through. The EDGE skeleton rock bucket is a “must have” for skid steer operators in the agricultural, commercial and landscaping industries.