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Excavator Attachments

Mustang compact excavators allow for the change of attachments with a flip of a switch in the cab. The hydraulic Power-A-Tach® Quick Coupler allows attachment changes from the operator seat, the operator leaves the seat only to engage and disengage the safety pin.


10 in. w/ 3 Teeth

12 in. w/ 3 Teeth

16 in. w/ 3 Teeth

18 in. w/ 4 Teeth

20 in. w/ 4 Teeth

24 in. w/ 5 Teeth

30 in. Ditching

30 in. w/ 5 Teeth

36 in. w/ 6 Teeth

42 in. Ditching

48 in. Ditching

54 in. Ditching

60 in. Ditching