Articulated Loader Attachments



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Articulated Loader Attachments

As construction and infrastructure heats up – companies are looking to expand their fleets through rentals. Whether long term or short term rentals – Mustang equipment is the choice for your rental fleet or independent rental center. With a variety of control options, easy maintenance, and durable designs, Mustang loaders and excavators excel in the rental sector

You make your name on the quality of the machine you offer for rent. Mustang understands this and provides equipment that is reliable and durable.


Tree Transplanter Std

Tree Transplanter

Landscape professionals and nurserymen can transform their compact equipment into useful and profitable tools for tree and shrubbery planting, transplanting and removal with the EDGE tree transplanter.

Trench Filler

Trench Filler

Covering 60’ (18.3 m) of open trench in 60 seconds is now possible with the EDGE trench filler. It eliminates tearing of the turn because the compact loader can straddle the trench and cover it in one pass.



Increase the productivity of your compact loader with an EDGE trencher. Trenchers are one of the most common attachments for compact loaders. Various chain types are available to suit the soil type and size of the project.

Angle Snow Blade

Trip Edge Snow Blade

So simple, yet so vital, the EDGE trip edge snow blade has stood the test of time. EDGE trip edge snow blades are available as standard duty and heavy duty.



The EDGE U-Blade is an essential landscape tool that will transform your compact equipment into a profitable workhorse for digging, transplanting and removing trees and shrubs.

Utility Bucket Std

Utility Bucket

EDGE utility buckets are ideal for landscaping and farming applications. The buckets are great for hauling mulch, fertilizer or any other dry material.

utility fork grapple

Utility Fork Bucket/Grapple

Designed to handle bulk materials, EDGE utility fork buckets are extremely efficient handling bulk materials such as loose hay, straw, manure, branches, sod and silage.

V-Snow Blade


So simple, yet so vital, the EDGE V-blade has stood the test of time. The V-blade increases your compact loader’s productivity and efficiency by plowing snow.

Vibratory Roller

Vibratory Roller

It’s easy to turn your compact loader into a high performance compactor with the EDGE vibratory roller. The vibratory rollers are available in smooth or padded drum versions for compacting various materials.