Mustang Excavator Intro Image


The Mustang Zero-Tail-Swing Excavators consist of five models; the 170Z NXT2, 250Z, 350Z NXT2, 450Z NXT2 and 800Z. The machines are designed around a powerful and reliable Yanmar engines to enhance engine performance and increase efficiency. Mustang excavators are true zero-tail-swing machines, with no cab overhang beyond the tracks in any direction. This allows the machine to operate directly against a wall or other obstruction without causing damage to the structure or machine.

The Mustang 250Z, 350Z NXT2, 450Z NXT2 and 800Z excavators are equipped with a hydraulic quick coupler. This feature makes attachment changes as simple as flipping a switch. Plus, the pin grabber style hydraulic coupler works with the majority of excavator attachments, putting tools you already own to use.

*All excavator models available only in North America.